Truth 💋

Oh boy oh boy! This is going to be beautiful 😉

My @zerofriendsart collection has grown thanks to the new book! Shoutout to @alexpardee @davecorreia @theartofskinner and the whole crew for this inspirational book. And a big shoutout to @quake1986 for the sticker man! Your tag now lives in Milwaukee WI along with these beautiful works of art in my room. This is why I chose to become a designer. #zerofriendsart #alexpardee #davecorreia #skinner #QUAKE

Always remember where you come from.

I give you the Liquor-ish (licorice). Jäger + Arnold Palmer.

Drunk Octopus wants to fight you! #whatthefuck #toomanydrinks #thankgodforthecottage

Moonshine. Catan. Fireworks. In a cabin with my family. This is what summer is all about.

The DPW boys showed up at Nas.
Shock the world! @rjadams4